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  • Apparatus protective sleeve: how to sterilize laparoscopy
  • Editor:Hangzhou Xin Hao Medical Technology Co., Ltd.Date:2015-03-17 14:50 Click:
The medical instruments in the operation room need strict sterilization to re - use. For example, common laparoscopy requires sterilization. However, different methods of sterilization are also taken because of the different functions of the parts of the laparoscope. In general, we will take the following four ways of sterilization to the laparoscope:
1. Autoclave
High pressure sterilization should be used in all the endoscopy instruments that can be sterilized in high pressure.
Two, ethylene oxide
Oxirane, strong sterilization, sterilization does not damage the goods, and so, strong penetrating power, should not use high pressure steam sterilization, the endoscope lens camera and a light source light guide wire and electric coagulation were available this sterilization.
Three, 2% glutaraldehyde soaked in
For immersion sterilization for endoscopic instruments, it needs to be soaked for 10 hours. The joints of the apparatus should be opened and the cavity should be filled with soaking fluid. The residual liquid should be rinsed out with sterile water before use.
Four. Sterilizing
with medical sterilizer
Medical sterilizer is a common sterilization equipment in hospitals. It can not only be used for laparoscopic sterilization, but also for other medical devices, and more importantly, sterilization is very fast and convenient.
The above are four common methods of laparoscopic sterilization, if you have other better sterilization methods, welcome to supplement.