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  • Precautions for the use of microscopes
  • Editor:Hangzhou Xin Hao Medical Technology Co., Ltd.Date:2017-02-10 09:55 Click:

The protective effect of on microscope microscope is very important, because the microscope is mainly rely on the lens to work, so the use of the process should pay special attention to, especially when used in medical applications, the need to pay attention to avoid friction lenses and other instruments.

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The cautions for the use of the microscopes are as follows:

1, in the process of operation, such as the lens of the protective lens, do not wipe the lens to prevent the transparency of the lens;

2, the microscope should prevent the shock and impact, and the operation should be fixed to avoid repeated movement. The set of microscopes must be operated by 2 people synchronously and carried out according to the Handbook of aseptic items;

3. The surface of the lens is cleaned with nonabsorbent alcohol on the surface of the lens on a regular basis. The microscope protection sleeve is used to keep the microscope in order to keep the optical system clean.

Please use the microscope set to extend the service life of the microscope so that it can work better for you!