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  • Medical applicator can cure pediatric oral ulcers
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It’s not a simple thing to take care of the baby, especially when the baby is sick. According to the survey found that more and more in recent years the incidence of children with hand foot and mouth disease, common symptoms are fever, foot herpes, oral ulcer also see, some patients with serious oral ulcer, antifeedant, salivation, crying.
If only the use of antibiotic treatment, the effect is obviously not ideal. In addition, it is also difficult to use oral medicine. So, what is the best solution to this situation? That is to use medical applicator.
self adhesive applicatorThere are various kinds of medical applicator in our hospital. There are " and so on. We can use medical dressing in treatment of oral ulcer in children, foot pain stomatitis patch children bilateral Yongquan, convenient method, good effect, quick effect, sticking 1~2 days after the ulcer was significantly reduced, 3~5 days cured.
Why medical dressing can cure children with aphthous ulcers? In fact, here mentioned medical dressing paste also belongs to the Chinese medicine acupoint application, the guidance of the overall concept of Chinese medicine, according to the external treatment for internal diseases, disease treatment principle, apply the corresponding points, a method to treat the diseases the.
Here is a small compilation of the relevant knowledge of popular science, Yongquan point:
Yongquan for kidney meridian Jing points, with nourishing Yin, "Ning God’s role, can treat headache, insomnia, fainting, sore throat and other symptoms, extensive effect, acupoints convenient, easy to operate, one of the commonly used acupoint application therapy for acupoint. In the external treatment, it can play the role of nourishing yin and tonifying the kidney, inducing the fire to descend, the liver and the sun, and the awakening of the gods. According to TCM theory, from Evodia sticking Yongquan, treating inflammation of the card all xuhuo on fire to yuan and.
If you are a family with babies, it is best to keep the medical applicator regularly, so that babies do not need to feel lost when they happen to have aphthous ulcers.