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The adhesive force of the tape is an important indicator, which is related to the normal operation of the tape. This is also the case in the medical tape, not only need to have a certain viscosity, but also not too much sticky, in order to prevent damage to the skin. So now by Xin Hao medical tape manufacturer teaches you to test the adhesive tape.

The first is to prepare the measuring instrument, mainly including the medical tape test piece, the stripping machine, the steel sheet and the roller. Different medical tape test pieces should be marked well, and the initial adhesion and sticking force should be measured respectively.

Initial adhesive force

The initial viscosity tester is placed horizontally on the worktable to adjust the 30° of the slope of the ball table; the angle. Then remove the silicon oil paper from the test piece, face the adhesive and stick the 50mm on the top and bottom of the transparent tape. The test surface is leveled and fixed on the slope of the tester. Wipe the ball with ethyl acetate, then put the ball in the ball placed at the upper end of the ball inside the station, and then gently press the ball immediately put the ball, along the ramp down to the surface of test piece, the choice of ball size and different trajectory adjustment ball drop, record the biggest ball, is the measuring tape initial adhesion of the


Sticking force

The test plate and the loading plate are attached to the middle part of the experimental plate and the loading plate with ethyl acetate, and 3 times are rolled back and forth on the test plate of the roller. When the test piece is pasted on the board, the experimental board is vertically fixed on the experimental rack. One end of the loading plate is fixed with a 500g weight, and the starting time of the test is recorded until the specimen slides down from the steel sheet.

This is the test method for the adhesive force of medical tape. We hope that the content brought to you by our medical tape manufacturer is helpful for you. If you need more, please contact Hangzhou Xin Hao Medical Technology Co., Ltd., enquiry hotline: 0571-64827969.