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The times are constantly advancing, and a variety of new products have sprung up to serve us better. High frequency electric knife is one of the indispensable instruments commonly used in surgery now, but it is easy to adhesion of coking material, so we need to electric knife cleaning sheet manufacturers help, through the special products for more efficient operation.

electric knife clean film

High frequency electric knife can use high frequency current to cut tissue and wound to stop bleeding. In the process of operation, the tissue of knife tip is attached to the substance of tissue coagulation and blood coagulation, thereby affecting the hemostatic effect and operation process of electric knife. At this time, need a doctor or nurse with surgery back the coke scraping away, but it will not only delay the surgery, but also easy to damage the electric knife.

To solve this problem, the electric knife cleaning piece appeared. Its surface was made of sandpaper and had sticky glue on the back. When used, the cleaning piece was attached to the aseptic sheet closer to the operative field or the upper arm of the operator. When there is a coke on the electric knife, the electric knife is wiped back and forth on the clean sheet.

The company is sincerely working for you. All kinds of cleaning tablets are available for you to make the electric knife clean quickly and make the operation more smoothly.