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  • Medical dressings FM1010.FM1015.FM1020
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is divided into ordinary and special type. Single - piece aseptic packaging.
composition: This product is made up of medical adhesive tape, water absorbent pad and protective layer.
1. tape base with mesh cloth or cotton cloth or polyurethane film, breathable and comfortable, elastic body to maintain ease of movement; the medical pressure-sensitive adhesive glue, no stimulation to the skin, moderate viscosity, no pain in uncovering, not to hurt the skin.
2. absorbent pad for non-woven cloth absorption pad or medical pure cotton absorption pad, can effectively absorb the wound exudation fluid, promote wound healing.
3." unique round angle structure, suitable for sticking in any part of the body, comfortable and natural, and attached more firmly, not warp angle.
note: selected according to the size of the wounds and characteristics of appropriate specifications; the adhesive layer does not directly contact the wound to prevent replacement avulsion; products for aseptic packaging, packaging damage disabled; as a disposable product, no repeated use; please use the products within the validity period of validity, see the package the seal.
use method: disinfecting wound site according to the standard procedure, after drying, open the package, uncover the protective layer, paste the wound site, touch the dressing and paste the edges.
storage method: it should be stored in a clean room with no more than 80% relative humidity, no corrosive gas and well ventilated.
warranty: packaged products in compliance with the transportation storage and use of the rules under the condition of self sterilizing the date of quality for a period of two years.
common type (divided into nonwoven < FW> fabric < FZ> polyurethane < FM>)

specification (wide × long)


specification (wide × long)


3cm× 9cm


10cm  (9cm) × 10cm

10 (09) 10

5cm× 9cm


10cm  (9cm) × 15cm

10 (09) 15

6cm× 7cm


10cm  (9cm) × 20cm

10 (09) 20

6cm× 7.5cm


10cm  (9cm) × 25cm

10 (09) 25

6cm× 9cm


10cm  (9cm) × 30cm

10 (09) 30

7cm× 9cm


10cm  (9cm) × 35cm

10 (09) 35

8cm× 9cm


10cm  (9cm) × 40cm

10 (09) 40