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  • Infusion YZ1590
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    the infusion product is composed of adhesive layer, absorption layer and protective layer. The adhesive layer is made of medical pressure sensitive adhesive coated with base band, with non-woven fabric or cotton cloth or PE on the base; intermediate absorption layer is non-woven absorbent pad, and the protective layer is off type paper. It can also be used in the fixation of blood transfusion, blood collection and retention needles, as well as the protection of the infusion catheter, the needle handle and the puncture site.
> features:
2. sticky and reliable, low sensitization, good compliance, do not harm the skin.
3." packaging type and specification can adapt to various regional environment and customers’ personalized requirements.
note: according to the object and choose the appropriate parts of infusion specifications; shall not be directly pasted on the surface of adhesive wound; products for aseptic packaging, packaging damage disabled; as a disposable product, prohibition of repeated use; please use the products within the validity period of validity, see the package.
use: clean and paste parts. After a little drying, open the package, uncover the protection layer, gently press the tape center to the sides, so that it can be closely linked to the skin.
storage method: it should be stored in a clean room with no more than 80% relative humidity, no corrosive gas and well ventilated.
warranty: packaged products in compliance with the transportation storage and use of the rules under the condition of self sterilizing the date of quality for a period of two years.
products are divided into non woven fabric < YW> fabric class < YZ> polyethylene < YE>
* monolithic (2 pieces and 5 pieces of aseptic packaging)

specification (wide × long)


1.5  cm× 9cm


1.8cm× 9cm


2cm× 9cm


3.5cm× 7.5cm (three)


4cm× 7cm (three)


4cm× 7.5cm (three)