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    medical adhesive tape consists of base material and coating film. The substrate is non-woven or PE film or cotton cloth, and the coating is used for medical pressure sensitive adhesive. It is suitable for fixed surgical dressings and light ducts, and is more suitable for fixation after large area operation, such as gauze fixation, bandage and fixation after surgical operation, fixation of infusion tube, plaster or other therapeutic dressing, and other general fixation.
1. non-toxic and non irritating, with good air permeability.
3. viscosity is moderate, sticker fixed and reliable, tear off the skin.
note: according to the use of the object and the need to use the appropriate product specifications; shall not be directly pasted on the wound; products for aseptic packaging, packaging damage disabled (non sterile products are the requirements for one-time use products); and prohibit repeated use; please use the validity period of the product, see the package is valid.
use method: clean and paste parts, after a little drying, cut off according to the required length, gently press the tape center to the sides, so that it can be closely bound to the skin.
storage method: there should be a clean room with relative humidity less than 80%, no corrosive gas and well ventilated.
warranty: packaged products in compliance with the transportation storage and use of the rules under the condition of self sterilizing the date of quality for a period of two years.
products are divided into non-woven fabric, ,
* aseptic products for aseptic packaging

2.5  cm * 910cm

size (width * length)

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5  cm * 910cm