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knife head clean tablet (electric knife clean tablet, surgical electroknife clean film)
    the product is a combination of spongy sand, barium, double-sided adhesive and separated paper. It can quickly and effectively clean the burnt tissue and its attachments on sharp instruments such as surgical electrocautery, which can maintain the efficacy of electric knife in operation and reduce the non bacterial inflammatory reaction caused by residual burning tissue or foreign body. It is suitable for the cleaning of electric knife during operation.
composition: consists of barium - lined, double - sided adhesive and separated paper with spongy sand sheet.
> features:
2. with its own adhesive surface, the choice of no sticker position, easy to use;
3. back lined barium line design for safety inspection after the operation.
note: according to the selection of electric knife and operation characteristics of appropriate specifications; shall not be directly attached to the skin, to prevent skin damage when peeling; products for aseptic packaging, packaging damage disabled; as a disposable product, prohibition of repeated use; please use the products within the validity period of validity, see the package the seal.
use: open the open protective layer of packaging, the operation electric knife clean sheet adhesive surface adhesive on the surgeon at the drapes on the most comfortable.
storage method: it should be stored in a clean room with no more than 80% relative humidity, no corrosive gas and well ventilated.
warranty: packaged products in compliance with the transportation storage and use of the rules under the condition of self sterilizing the date of quality for a period of two years.
* monolithic aseptic packaging

specification (wide × long)


2.4  cm× 4.8cm


4.8  cm× 4.8cm


2.5  cm× 5cm


5  cm× 5cm


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