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    medical bottle mouth is composed of base belt, water absorbing layer and protective layer. The application of this product avoids repeated disinfection and disinfectant fluid infiltration into the infusion bottle, resulting in pollution, reducing transfusion reaction, and alleviating the burden of medical staff. It is economical, convenient and safe. It is mainly used for the venous transfusion bottle (bag) mouth after opening, so as to prevent the transfusion pollution.
> features:
2. convenient: tearing down the bottle mouth sticking to the mouth of the bottle, simplifying the clinical nursing operation and alleviated the burden of medical staff.
3. pollution prevention: the bottle mouth seal is strong, large cover, good dust, even if the bottle dump will not pollute the bottle mouth.
4. economy and environmental protection: it can save various items such as cotton ball, disinfectant and adhesive tape, simplify the tedious operation steps, and reduce the cost of manpower and material resources.
precautions: according to the appropriate specifications of infusion bottle, the product is aseptic package, and the package is broken and forbidden. It is forbidden to reuse for one-time use products, please use it in the validity period of the product, and it will be valid for packaging.
use method: peel off the release paper from the medical bottle mouth, stick the bottle mouth to the infusion bottle (bag) mouth; when changing the infusion bottle (bag), tear the medical infusion bottle mouth paste, then insert into the infusion tube for infusion.
storage method: it should be stored in a clean room with no more than 80% relative humidity, no corrosive gas and well ventilated.
warranty: packaged products in compliance with the transportation storage and use of the rules under the condition of self sterilizing the date of quality for a period of two years.
* (4 / × 5) specifications aseptic packaging

specifications (inner core diameter × base material diameter)


1.2cm× 2.2cm


1.6cm× 2.8cm


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