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operation room consumables , commonly known as medical consumables, generally refers to disposable medical consumables. In the actual operation, the operation room consumables can be divided into two types: low value consumables and high value consumables.
Two, high value consumables generally refer to the expendable medical devices which are critical to safety, strictly controlled for production and use, and limited to some specialties and relatively expensive. Such as cardiac intervention, peripheral vascular intervention, artificial joint, other organ intervention replacement and other medical materials.
However, according to the classification of the National Drug Administration Bureau, the operation room consumables can be divided into three categories, as follows:
1. The medical instruments that should be controlled for their safety and effectiveness;
Two. Refers to the medical equipment that is sufficient to ensure its safety and effectiveness through routine management;
Three, refers to the medical devices implanted into the body to support and maintain life, potentially dangerous to the human body, and its safety and effectiveness must be strictly controlled.
To sum up, of the operation room consumables in the operation room can be roughly divided into so many. If you want to know more about the consumables in the operation room, you can contact us. We have more operation room supplies for you to choose.