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  • A brief analysis of the advantages of the medical bottle mou
  • Editor:Hangzhou Xin Hao Medical Technology Co., Ltd.Date:2015-03-23 16:50 Click:
At present, the clinical medical bottle to stick after opening storage problem is not standard, the use of alcohol or povidone iodine cotton ball pressure in the transfusion bottle, and then strapping. There may be problems such as ethanol or povidone iodine, cotton ball wet, adhesive tape not sticky, causing cotton ball to fall off, cotton balls exposed to air for a long time, and reduce disinfection and protection.
There are many advantages of the infusion bottle mouth paste, which are as follows:
medical bottle to stick a safe and reliable
Radiation sterilization was adopted in the mouth of the infusion bottle, and the effect was reliable. The water absorbent cotton in the center of the infusion bottle is dry, non-toxic, non irritating and undyed, and has the effect of sterilizing.
The use of infusion bottle can not only prevent bottle mouth pollution effectively, but also avoid the problem of liquid contamination when ethanol or povidone iodine is used to penetrate into the infusion bottle before using ethanol or povidone iodine cotton ball.
Two, strong and beautiful
The infusion bottle stickers pasted firmly, will not fall off, and a thin layer of glue paste on the bottle, neat appearance.
Three. Convenient for economic
The price of the infusion bottle sticker is low, and when the infusion bottle is replaced, it can be used in the world, saving the items needed for re sterilizing, and saving the cost of nursing and manpower.
To sum up, the advantages of the infusion bottle mouth are very significant to us, and we should popularize it in the future.