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  • The tips of fixed infusion puncture needle
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When the nurse is in the process of transfusion for the patient, after the blood vessel puncture is successful, it is necessary to immediately use the infusion sticker to fix the puncture needle, but we often use the fixed needle handle, and the other hand takes the infusion paste, sometimes it can lead to the contamination or adhesion of the transfusion paste or even the needle slide out. In a nursing journal, I saw a small skill of fixed infusion puncture needle, which can solve this problem and has been applied in clinical practice. The effect is very good. It is introduced below.

According to the operation process of the venous transfusion, the nurse successfully loosened the tourniquet and ordered the patient to loose the fist. The nurse fixed the needle handle with one hand. The other hand placed the extension tube of the puncture needle along the direction of the puncture needle to the patient’s finger suture and slightly closed the patient’s fingers. To keep the patient’s hand from keeping this position inactive for the time being, the nurse can unlock the hand of the fixed needle handle and use both hands to prepare the puncture needle for the infusion.

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