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  • Several common device protective sleeves
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In the inspection and packing area of sterilization and supply center, when we pack sharp instruments, we will pierce all kinds of packaging materials because of their sharp front ends. The following are several common methods of using the instrument protection kit to protect the cutting-edge devices from .

,Pulse band

The first is one of the more commonly used ones, which are cut into a small segment of the head with a veined belt. This kind of material is easier to get, and it is a quicker method. But the tip of the instrument is large and small, and the diameter of the pulse band is unified. This leads to the inefficiency of some instruments and the pressure zone can not be resistant to high temperature.

B-D test paper

The second is the disposable B-D test paper used cut into squares and cut two triangles at both ends, caught a sharp instrument tip. This kind of material is also easy to get, and does not cause waste. It is suitable for the cutting-edge of different sizes, and the material is stronger. The disadvantage is that the used B-D test paper may have been polluted, because it is sterilized by hygrothermal and high pressure, the physical and chemical properties may have changed, and it is time-consuming and laborious to make. At present, some manufacturers are also selling such products, but there are less data about such products, and whether they are suitable for protecting sophisticated materials, they need more practice demonstration.

Paper plastic bag

The third method is also the most practical way. It uses 50mm or so paper and plastic bags to seal up on the side of the sealing machine, and the other ends are placed at the tip of sharp instruments, and finally packed again, forming the so-called bag in bags. The benefits are convenient and quick, and the paper plastic bags can also be sterilized by high temperature or epoxy ethane. But the two layers of packaging will affect the penetration of the sterilization medium and change the effect of sterilization. More practice is also needed to prove it.

Plastic protective sleeve

The last kind of clinical use is less, and the related data are less. In terms of structure, the use of this protective cover may take into account a convenient and time saving problem. But whether this material will affect sterilization, whether it is practical or not, remains to be tested.

Nonwoven or wrinkled paper

It’s time to roll it into a roll of nonwoven fabric and put it on the instrument. This operation is mainly a convenience, but this method is equivalent to adding several layers of non-woven packaging, whether it will affect the sterilization effect.