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  • Fabrication of simple instrument protective sleeve: pulse be
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A tourniquet in medical is very common, when we need intravenous fluids or blood, the nurse would use it, will be a rubber pipe and tighten the arm, the blood and venous filling appears, more conducive to the puncture needle, which is a function of the pressure pulse band.

pulse bandThe pulse belt, of course, is not just the only thing. In addition to other aspects, it can also be used as device protection set , to a certain extent, to protect various devices from damage. First, according to the size of the instrument, choose the appropriate size of the pressure belt, then cut the vein belt into a small segment, and finally, take the head of the instrument. This kind of material is easier to get, and it is a quicker method.

As we all know, the tip of the instrument is large or small, but the diameter of the pressure belt is uniform. There are only a few of them, so the applicable range is not large. This is a need to pay attention to. If it doesn’t match, it may cause some devices to be unprotected. In addition, the pulse belt is a rubber tube, so it can not resist high temperature. It also needs attention when using it.

The above is the information about the pressure belt as the protective cover of the instrument. If you need it, please contact our Hangzhou Xin Hao Medical Technology Co., Ltd., so that we can provide more services for you.