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  • The operating membrane Factory teaches you how to use it
  • Editor:Hangzhou Xin Hao Medical Technology Co., Ltd.Date:2016-10-20 13:51 Click:

The application of surgical membrane in modern medicine is very much, it can provide a lot of convenience for the operation and ensure it can be carried out smoothly. Now, let’s let us surgery membrane manufacturer to teach you how to use it.

First of all, we need to know that the film is a kind of medical operation can effectively protect the skin from the surgical site around the blood soaked dressings, pollution, electric burns, prevent surgical site skin bacteria sway, make surgery skin inside and outside the bacteria are closed, operation film manufacturers safe, sterile. Knowing the specific function of it, we know how to use the surgical membrane correctly.

1., according to the clinical needs, choose the applicable specifications. After drying the disinfectant on the skin, tear off the packaging bag, remove the surgical film, strip the isolation paper, and apply the surgical film to the skin of the operative area.

2. the surgical film was smoothed and there should be no bubbles between the skin and the skin.

3. the surgical operation was carried out along the surgical site during the operation.

4. when the skin was sutured at the end of the operation, the edge film of the incision was stripped to 1 ~ 3cm, and the film was tore after suturing the skin.

This is our operation membrane manufacturer to give you, the use of surgical membrane, can be able to operate a good foundation.