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  • Nonwoven medical aseptic application is safer and more relia
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Aseptic application is a new generation of high-end application, once the input has been widely praised. It has nonwoven wound dressings, hydrocolloid dressings, alginate dressings, and so on. Today it mainly introduces nonwoven wound dressings.

medical aseptic applicatorNonwoven wound dressing, also known as self adhesive dressing, is a dressing made of medical spunlaced nonwovens, and medical pressure sensitive adhesive, absorbent pad and release paper. This dressing is widely used in various departments of hospitals. It can be applied to all kinds of post-operative wound treatments, and can also be applied to some acute wound wounds, which can be applied to all departments of hospitals, and the largest dose is in operation room.

The medical sterile applicator is more safe, reliable, comfortable and breathable, and has many advantages, which is naturally loved by people.

(1): the air quality of spunlace nonwoven (45-50g/ m) make the skin breathe naturally, eliminate water vapor sweat, effectively reduce the wound infection.

(2) low sensitivities: the use of imported medical pressure sensitive adhesive, low sensitivities, and ensure the initial viscosity, stickiness and heavy viscosity.

(3) a lot of absorb exudate: the absorbent pad of 200-250g/ square meters, the seepage can absorb more than eight times their own weight, can prevent bacterial infection;

(4) do not adhere to the wound: water absorbent mat compound mucosa, no stickup wound, remove the two injury of the wound.

(5) compliance: soft and comfortable material, elastic, round angle design, can conform to the human body contour curve, do not interfere with the body activity.